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Fühlst du den Drang, neue Systeme zu schaffen, die dir helfen, deine Ziele zu erreichen? Sehe dich einfach mal um und schau dir die Kurse und Vorlagen für achtsame Menschen an, die ihr Leben vereinfachen möchten.

Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Tausenden von achtsamen Menschen wie dir zu helfen, mit weniger mehr zu erreichen. Unsere Kurse und Vorlagen sind darauf ausgerichtet, dir zu helfen.

Entrümpele deine mentalen, physischen und digitalen Räume, um Ablenkungen zu vermeiden und deine Konzentration und Kreativität zu steigern.

Entwickele intuitive Systeme und Routinen, damit du weniger Zeit damit verbringst, sich zu verzetteln, und mehr Zeit mit Dingen verbringen kannst, die dich begeistern.

Mache die Selbstfürsorge zu einem unverzichtbaren Bestandteil deines Lebens, damit du den Raum und die Energie haben kannst, um für sich selbst und deine Lieben da zu sein.

Lasse die Hektik hinter sich und finde einen nachhaltigen Fluss von Arbeit, Spiel, Ruhe, Entspannung und allem, was dazwischen liegt.

Im Folgenden findest du einige Beispiele für unsere Zusammenarbeit!

Simplify and Thrive Course

Create more time, space, and energy in your life with our signature n’ self-paced lifestyle design course.


What if you could spend less time hustlin’ and more time doin’ things that really light you up? How would you show up differently if you had systems and processes that gave you the space to prioritize your mental health and follow your curiosities?

Simplify & Thrive is my signature course, designed to help you ditch burnout and start livin’ life on your terms — with your passions, values, n’ dreams at the heart of everything you do

Learn the exact tools, systems, and habits I use to live by design (not by default). You’ll get video lessons and exercises on mindset, routines, productivity, home, and finances, as well as your very own Notion dashboard chock-full of templates to edit, personalize, and upgrade into your own organized system

Digital Decluttering Toolkit

Take control of your digital spaces in less than a week with this easy-to-follow email challenge and resource kit.


Decluttering isn’t just for closets and pantries. Sometimes it’s the digital clutter that’s the most overwhelming. When you’re juggling multiple inboxes, apps, and files — while also trying to stay on top of all those incoming texts, emails, and notifications — digital clutter can build up fast.

The Digital Decluttering Toolkit is an email challenge and Notion hub to help you tidy up your phone and computer, and make your digital spaces feel damn good.

You’ll get access to tools, resources, and methods to help you reduce email clutter, improve your filing system, and level up your productivity. And who knows, you might even enjoy logging into these spaces when you’re done!

Simplify and Thrive Course

Set smarter goals and take concrete action to achieve them with this bundle of customizable Notion templates.


Goal-setting isn’t just for the new year! If you really want to reach your milestones and create a life you love, you need to take regular action and build your goals into your daily life.

The Design Your Year Notion Pack gives you tried-and-tested templates to help you dream, plan, and create your ideal year, quarter, month, or week.

You’ll get dynamic templates for setting smarter goals, defining clear supporting actions, and tracking your progress. These are some of my most-requested templates and the ones I use every day to stay on top of my goals n’ to-dos.




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